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Professional Headshots for Team and Organizations

Corporate Headshots: How to Plan, Costs, Examples & More

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corporate headshots

When your team is your greatest asset, there’s immense value in first impressions. While cohesive corporate headshots provide plenty of benefits for your organization, getting them done can be time-consuming and complex.

Headshots aren’t just about taking a great photo. Planning a successful corporate headshot session will require additional work, like:

  • Selecting a cohesive backdrop that aligns with your brand identity
  • Outlining appropriate attire for your team that meshes well with the chosen background
  • Coordinating your shoot with the photographer and every member of your organization
  • Renting photography equipment
  • Providing feedback for the editing and retouching process

Fortunately, we’ve broken down each step of the process to help you create stunning, high-quality headshots for your team. This comprehensive article will cover planning, costs, and real-life examples to make your company’s photo session successful.


Why Your Company’s Headshots Are So Important

Creating a consistent and professional look across your team’s headshots has become challenging as more organizations have adopted remote or hybrid work structures. With that in mind, it’s still worth the effort because of how your business benefits:

  • Positive visual communication: A well-lit headshot showcasing your team’s smiles and personalities speaks volumes about your priorities as a company. Effective business headshots build trust and create a welcoming environment for prospective clients.
  • A cohesive look: Maintaining a consistent look across your organization is paramount to looking professional to your customers. Professional headshots solidify your team’s commitment to your business by creating a unified appearance across platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Effective branding: Corporate headshots are an opportunity to visually communicate your brand’s voice. They also imply attention to detail and a commitment to investing in relationships across the organization and beyond.


Planning a Corporate Headshot Session

Planning headshots for an entire organization can be quite an undertaking, especially if you have to coordinate everything yourself. We’ll walk you through each stage of the process and showcase the traditional and modern routes of getting the job done.

Booking a Traditional Photographer [The Hard Way]

The traditional process of planning a corporate headshot session breaks down into the following steps.

1. Research Local Photographers

To start, you’ll need to find a local headshot photographer aligned with the style you’re searching for. You’ll want to evaluate the quality and price of a professional photographer and ensure they can manage the full scope of your team. Photographers can book out months in advance, so you might have to delay your shoot depending on your team’s availability.

2. Coordinate with Your Team and Book a Session

Once you have a couple of dates in mind with your photographer, it’s time to take it to your team. Understandably, getting everyone together locally on the same day can be challenging (especially for remote teams), so you might have to book more than one session. Communicate with your team about appropriate attire so they can show up ready to shoot.

3. Have a Shoot Day

By now, you will have communicated with your photographer and decided whether your shoot will be in a studio, at the office, or outdoors. If you do an outdoor shoot, note that lighting conditions can change quickly, so have the shots taken promptly to promote consistency. Your photographer will help direct your employees through poses while taking photos.

4. Work Through the Editing Process

Every photographer’s process differs, but your photos will likely need some retouching before being sent out to the masses. Give your photographer time to edit and package up your headshots. This process could range from a couple of days to weeks.

5. Update Company Headshots

It’s time to update those headshots! Make sure your employees update their profile pictures across customer-facing outlets like LinkedIn and that you update your Meet-the-Team page with your snazzy new snaps.

Virtual Headshots [The Easy Way]

For a simple solution that’s just as effective as the traditional route, opt for a service like instead. This process is great for geographically dispersed and in-person teams who don’t have time to set aside their work for a traditional photo shoot.

Our virtual headshots can all be done virtually, and we manage the entire process for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Getting professional headshots for your whole team entails only taking a couple of pictures with their phone.

From there, our team will retouch each photo by hand and send it back to you for review within 3 business days. Our happiness guarantee ensures you get the results you’re looking for—all without ever stepping foot in a studio.

Take a look at some of our customer examples to see what’s possible for your business:

corporate headshots example 1


Typical Cost of Corporate Headshots

Calculating the total cost of a traditional corporate headshot shoot can be challenging since there are so many fluctuating variables. Generally, you can expect to pay $100 to $500 per professional headshot (or per the number of employees).

This number accounts for the cost of equipment, studio or site rental (if applicable), shooting session, and initial edits. Some photographers require an additional fee for editing and retouching services like fixing makeup or brightening teeth. You can also expect prices to vary based on your area’s general cost of living.

Also, planning in-person headshots for your company requires a lot of coordination, planning, and comparative shopping by one of your employees, which will also come as a business expense. You can reasonably expect professional headshots for your team to cost several thousand dollars overall.

On the other hand, using a service like will only cost you $40 to $50 per finished picture, all edits included. Our team walks your employees through capturing a studio-quality photo and the submission process so you can get back to work!

Our photos are backed by a happiness guarantee. Plus, we’ll work with you to build a backdrop theme that suits your brand and individual employees’ needs.


What People Should Wear

A great corporate headshot starts with the right attire. Use the following guidelines to help your team shine on shoot day.

Men’s Headshot Attire

Men’s headshot attire should focus on preferably dark, solid shirts, potentially paired with a patterned tie and suit jacket. Optional accessories should not overwhelm the face, and the subject should appear more or less how they look day to day. They should be well-groomed and put together to give a good first impression.

Women’s Headshot Attire

Women’s headshot attire tends to have more range, though the general guidelines still apply. Subjects should be well-groomed, put together, sit or stand up straight, and dress in an accurate representation of their day-to-day appearance. Makeup or accessories should not be excessive. When in doubt, less is more.

Consider utilizing flattering jewel tones like emerald or sapphire, but in general, shoot for any solid, darker colors that make you feel confident. For a more powerful appearance, add a blazer over your base layer.

What Do Great Corporate Headshots Look Like?

Scoring great corporate headshots reflects positively on your employees and your company as a whole. Following are a few excellent professional headshot examples to help spark some inspiration for shoot day.


corporate headshots example 2What Makes These Headshots Great?

They show cohesion across a board or group of directors. Each photo is well-lit, features professional attire, and displays a confident expression.


corporate headshots example 3What Makes These Headshots Great?

They maintain a professional appearance while showcasing more of the employee’s individuality. These headshots are perfect for more creative-focused small and medium-sized businesses, such as those specializing in graphic design, art direction, video production, or creative consultation.


corporate headshots example 4What Makes These Headshots Great?

We can already get a sense of what brings this particular team together. Professional headshots are just as much a marketing asset as a branding one.


corporate headshots example 5What Makes These Headshots Great?

They exude professionalism with a neutral background, corporate attire, and inviting yet confident expressions.


Next Steps: Learn How You Can Get Studio-Quality Corporate Headshots for a Fraction of the Effort

Ready to get studio-quality photos without investing in a time-consuming headshot session? Learn more about our 100% virtual headshot services here.

We provide photo-taking tips, handle the editing process (never AI, only top-notch trained editors), and retouch and match your headshots with backdrops or imagery that align with your photos and brand. The best headshots for you or your employees are only a few clicks away.


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