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Add value to your [virtual] event, conference or sponsorship by gifting attendees a professional headshot. We manage the entire process for you.


Make Your Event or Conference Memorable And Profitable.

The COVID-19 Pandemic may have disrupted the live events industry, but it has also inspired massive innovation and new ways to connect us virtually.

Corporate sponsorships are the financial backbone of many conferences and trade shows.

Gathering in the virtual space creates unique challenges as well as opportunities to connect corporate sponsors with conference attendees in a way that generates brand recognition for sponsors and delivers tangible value to attendees.

Headshots.com virtual headshot booths create a win-win-win situation for you, your sponsors, and your attendees.

Help your sponsors create positive brand recognition with your attendees through delivering valuable high-quality professional headshots to your attendees.

Sponsors have contact points with participants via customized emails and landing pages. They even receive participant contact data for follow up marketing!

This massive value-adding service for your sponsor and attendees makes this a corporate sponsor package that is easy for your organization to sell and generate high-margin revenue.

Leave it to a Professional

We'll Handle Logistics, As Well As The Art Of Creating Beautiful Headshots

Let us help you start generating revenue from your virtual conferences.

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Client Experiences

“Headshots.com was able to provide our entire team with fresh, updated headshots during the middle of the pandemic in a completely safe way. The process was simple, fast, and incredibly high quality.”

Nick H., Washington D.C.

“I loved the step-by-step directions for getting ideal lighting for a picture on my phone, as well as the posing coaching. When I received my final product, I was blown away – it looked like I had gone to a studio!”

Anna W., Fort Worth, TX

“Using Headshots.com was super easy. They have a quick tutorial to get started which is super efficient. The turnaround time to receive the final result of your picture after the background and touch ups were in good time. Very happy with the outcome, super professional.”

Michelle J., Alexandria, VA
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