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When your credibility and team uniformity matter most, you can trust Headshots.com to craft the highest quality, consistent virtual headshots no matter where or when they’re taken.

See the Headshots.com difference in the real customer examples below.

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The virtual headshot examples below are of real customer teams and show the consistency of our process, as well as just a few of the hundreds of styles that are possible.

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Real Client Experiences

"When I came across Headshots.com, I was skeptical and wondered how it all would work. Well it was very simple! Thanks to the convenience and affordability of Headshots.com, I was able to obtain and use my headshots - which I absolutely love - on my website and in my marketing materials. I highly recommend this company."

Dominique, CEO, M.A.M.A

"I loved the step-by-step directions. When I received my final product, I was blown away - it looked like I had gone to a studio!"

Anna, Fort Worth, TX

“Headshots.com was able to provide our entire team with fresh, updated headshots during the middle of the pandemic in a completely safe way. The process was simple, fast, and incredibly high quality.”

Nick H., Washington D.C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a cell phone photo really look as good as a photo created by a photographer?

YES! Every headshot on this page was taken with a cell phone.

Light is the most important factor, and our simple guide shows you how to work with natural light to create the same quality photo that a professional photographer would.

Any phone from the past 5 years has the technology to take an amazing professional headshot.

Computer-based cameras are only about 65% the quality of cell phones.

Do you use software or AI to create your headshots?

No! If you care about your credibility and don’t want your company headshots looking like inconsistent, Instagram selfies with a filter – avoid software/AI/apps.

It might look passable for one trial headshot, but it’s impossible for AI to get your team looking uniform when pulled together – especially with the natural variations in lighting, color, saturation, and zoom that occur when taken remotely. AI also really struggles with women’s hair – curly hair gets cut off, and straight hair looks like a helmet.

We employ world-class editors who hand edit each headshot to perfection, and a production team that ensures your entire team looks uniform – whether their added now or in 18 months.

If quality and uniformity are not important, there are tons of free AI generated headshots available with a quick Google search.

Don’t pay for it.

How do you ensure uniformity across all headshots?

We have a rigorous 3-stage production process, combined with our standardized guide, that ensures all headshots from a team or company are consistent no matter where or when they’re taken:

Stage 1: A production manager reviews each incoming headshot to ensure it meets our quality standards and has followed our guide (teams can tweak this standard to their liking)

Stage 2: Your team is assigned a dedicated editor who will edit for consistency in lighting, color, tone, framing, etc.

Stage 3: A final review by a production manager ensures team members are aligned and match before delivery

We understand there is a risk to trying a new way of doing things. That’s why we’ve put so much thought into reducing any potential issues (our 5-star reviews confirm it).

As headshot photography experts we’ve tried all the ways of doing this right. This is the only way to ensure consistent quality.

Headshots.com is the only provider of this level of service. Get a quote.

Is there an annual fee?

No! The cost per headshot is all you pay. No taxes, no hidden fees, and absolutely no monthly or annual fees.

You’ll never lose access to your dashboard or your headshots.

We want you to be able to add employees with ease, anytime. So, whether headshots are taken now, or in 18 months, your team looks consistent with time.

Can we do headshots ongoing? How do we add new employees?


Adding new employees is easy with just the click of a button in the no-cost dashboard. Buy them only when you need them.

Any employees you add over time will have the same, consistent look and feel no matter when they’re added.

We don’t charge annual fees, so you’ll never lose access to the dashboard.

What if my employees or I cannot take good photos?

Every single photo that is submitted to Headshots.com is reviewed and approved by our quality assurance team. If a member of your team submits an image that doesn’t meet our quality standards, we provide a personalized email response detailing the specific issue with their image and how they can correct it, requesting that they submit a new one.

Each of your team members will receive as much attention via email communication as they need to help them create their headshot at no additional charge.

What if my team members don’t complete their headshot or are slow to respond?

When you add team members to the Headshots.com dashboard, they will receive an email inviting them to get started and letting them know the deadline for their headshot (also, set by you in the dashboard).

If team members don’t complete their headshot, they will receive automatic reminders. Sometimes certain team members need a little bit more of a nudge — from the dashboard you can send reminders automatically to specific people or your team as a whole.

Can I get a custom background for my or my team’s headshots?

Yes! We can create one for you, or match an existing one from a past headshot.

When you sign up, just let us know that you are requesting a custom background image. Send us the JPG or PNG file of the background that you want to use and we’ll recreate it and assign it to your team. If we run into any issues, we’ll make sure to ask you what your preferences are before we start editing.

Can I get a source file with a transparent background for later use?

Yes, we offer the option to purchase source PNG files with the backdrop left transparent so that a headshot can be placed onto another background by your design or marketing team.

Every headshot is custom edited to fit a specific backdrop to look as natural as possible, and will match best with similarly colored backdrops. In other words, a headshot edited to be on a black backdrop will be edited differently than a headshot edited to be on a white backdrop — Switching to a contrasting background color may yield unexpected results.

Does my whole team need to be selected and ready before I purchase?

No. We created Headshots.com to be as flexible as possible. When you sign up, buy as many headshots as you think you’ll need (we recommend buying enough for 18 months so you receive volume discounts).

Whenever you’re ready for a team member to create a headshot, you’ll invite them using their name and email address. You may invite people in bulk, or one at a time, at any time – you won’t lose access to the no-cost dashboard.

The number of headshots you purchased will be stored in your headshot bank until you’re ready to invite additional team members.

What if I don’t love my headshot?

Every purchase is backed by our 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your headshot for any reason, our Happiness Team will gladly revise, retouch, or replace it free of charge.

If you need to contact support, please click here.

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