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Individual virtual headshots on various color and natural backdrops.
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Online Professional Headshots in 3 Easy Steps

Sign Up And Take Your Headshot

Our simple tutorial shows you how to take professional headshots using just a cell phone. Upload it online right from your camera app.

Your Photo Professionally Retouched

Our world-class editing team will hand-transform your image from a selfie into a studio-quality online professional headshot.

Delivered To Your Inbox in 3 Days

In 3 business days, you will receive a personalized email containing your online professional headshot. Download or request a free edit.

Woman holding phone about to take a virtual headshot.

The Headshots.com Difference

Hand Retouched

Every headshot is hand edited to perfection by a world-class editor.

Unlimited Styles

Choose from any style or background. Send us one you love or pick from ours.

Large Format

Your headshot will be delivered in a large 2400x1600px jpeg format.

Take it Anywhere, Anytime

Sign up now, and submit your image when you’re ready, from anywhere.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Our simple guide walks you through exactly what to do, and how.

Personalized Support

You’ll get as much personalized support as needed.

Use Them Anywhere

You own all rights to your image. We deliver in large sizes for use anywhere.

100% Happiness Guarantee

We’ll do whatever it takes to get it right, or your money back!

woman headshot example before woman headshot example after

Before & After

Before: See the lack of detail behind her lenses, the overall underexposure of the image, the shadow on the right side of her face, and the uneven appearance of her skin.

After: Expert editors highlight the eyes, remove lens glare, retouch the skin, whiten teeth, and create more natural lighting, for a studio-quality look!

Customer Examples

virtual headshot example of man on gradient grey backdrop looking happy
Virtual remote headshot example of casual woman on light blue backdrop
Virtual headshot example of professional man in suit on light grey background
Casual virtual headshot example of woman on soft green background
Virtual headshot example of professional woman on grey backdrop.
Virtual headshot example of casual woman on light green gradient background.
Remote headshot example of man smiling on light purple backdrop.

Our Customers Love Us!

“I loved the step-by-step directions for getting ideal lighting for a picture on my phone, as well as the posing coaching. When I received my final product, I was blown away – it looked like I had gone to a studio!”

Anna W., Fort Worth, TX

“When I came across Headshots.com, I was skeptical and wondered how it all would work. Well, it was very simple! Thanks to the convenience and affordability of Headshots.com, I was able to obtain and use my headshot — which I absolutely love — on my website and in my marketing materials. I highly recommend this company.”

Dominique J., Owner & CEO of M.A.M.A.

“Headshots.com was able to provide our entire team with fresh, updated headshots during the middle of the pandemic in a completely safe way. The process was simple, fast, and incredibly high quality.”

Nick H., Washington D.C.

“Great value for money, easy to do with an iPhone from home, got the professional headshot for LinkedIn use quickly.”

Niels V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

“Using Headshots.com was super easy. They have a quick tutorial to get started which is super efficient. The turnaround time to receive the final result of your picture after the background and touch ups were in good time. Very happy with the outcome, super professional.”

Michelle J., Alexandria, VA

Pricing Is Simple

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All virtual headshot services and tiers receive the same amazing Headshots.com quality and level of care.

For events, universities, and custom services, or to speak with us, click here.

For Individuals



A single headshot, hand-edited to perfection, backed by our 100% Headshots.com Happiness Guarantee.


For Teams - As Low As



Consistent studio-quality headshots for groups of any size – managed entirely for you.


For Custom Services


For Pricing

Easy, studio-quality headshots for any occasion, event, sponsorship or institution.


More Than Just Great Professional Headshots Online

Backed by our Headshots.com Happiness Guarantee

With over a decade of experience, we’ve photographed and edited thousands of professional headshots — from private sessions to massive organized headshot events.

We know what looks great and how to coach you so you shine in front of the camera. Whether you’re starting out on your own or coordinating hundreds of individuals, we make sure your headshots won’t just be great, they’ll be heroic, GUARANTEED!

Virtual Headshots Example

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a cell phone photo really look as good as a photo created by a photographer?

YES! Every headshot on this page was taken with a cell phone.

Light is the most important factor, and our simple guide shows you how to work with natural light to create the same quality photo that a professional photographer would.

Any phone from the past 5 years has the technology to take an amazing professional headshot.

Computer-based cameras are only about 65% the quality of cell phones.

Do you use software or AI to create your headshots?

No fake AI headshots here. Authenticity is our strength….and yours.

We understand that building trust through authenticity is the key to you winning more business and retaining more customers. We would never compromise that.

We employ world-class editors who hand-edit each headshot to perfection.

Is there an annual fee?

No! The cost per headshot is all you pay. No taxes, no hidden fees, and absolutely no monthly or annual fees.

You’ll never lose access to your dashboard or your headshots.

We want you to be able to add employees with ease, anytime. So, whether headshots are taken now, or in 18 months, your team looks consistent with time.

What if I can't take a good photo?

Every single photo that is submitted to Headshots.com is reviewed and approved by our quality assurance team. If you submit an image that doesn’t meet our quality standards, we provide a personalized email response detailing the specific issue with the image and how you can correct it.

You will receive as much attention via email communication as needed to help you create your headshot at no additional charge.

Can I get a custom background for my professional headshot?

Yes! This is a common request we get from people who want their LinkedIn profile to stand out, or who want their team to stand out on the company website. If you can dream it, we can create it. When you sign up, just let us know that you are requesting a custom background image. Send us the JPG or PNG file of the background that you want to use and we’ll recreate it. If we run into any issues, we’ll make sure to ask you what your preferences are before we start editing.

Can I get a source file with a transparent background for later use?

Yes, we offer the option to purchase source PNG files with the backdrop left transparent so that a headshot can be placed onto another background by someone other than Headshots.com.

Every Headshots.com headshot is custom edited to fit a specific backdrop to look as natural as possible, and will match best with similarly colored backdrops. In other words, a headshot edited to be on a black backdrop will be edited differently than a headshot edited to be on a white backdrop — Switching to a contrasting background color may yield unexpected results.

Do I need to be ready before I purchase?

No! We created Headshots.com to be as convenient for you as possible. Buy now to go through the guide, and come back any time to submit your image.

Where do I download my online professional headshot?

You may download all professional headshots from the dashboard, or from the email we send you when we follow up.

What if I don't love my headshot?

Every purchase is backed by our 100% Headshots.com Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not happy with your retouching, or your headshot isn’t what you expected for any reason, our Happiness Team will gladly revise or replace it free of charge.