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Professional Headshots for Team and Organizations Product Update March 29, 2024

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Three years ago, we started with a simple vision in mind: studio-quality, on-brand professional headshots using only a cell phone. We built a platform that was simple and easy to use. At first, we worried that our customers would hate it because it was so simple. Not to mention, we didn’t yet have a budget for a fancy design or user testing. 

We were surprised when the feedback from customers and interested buyers started rolling in: they loved it. People didn’t care about the application design. They just wanted great headshots for their team – and we delivered on that. Version 1.0 had a great product-market fit that served our customers well for the better part of 3 years. 

However, we took for granted that our customers loved our product. Our customers’ needs have become more complex and their requirements expanded. We’re great at the headshot part, but we’re relatively new to web application development. (Our founder is a headshot photographer, afterall, not a web developer.)

Over the past 12 months we’ve been collecting feedback from customers and making improvements so that you can do even more with Our goal is to give you more robust tools that simplify your life, not complicate it. We’ve listened to your feedback and have identified one thing that many of our customers have in common: unique situations with a need to customize the way they communicate with their team and deliver photos. 

We’re thrilled to introduce a set of new features designed to give you more control and customization options for managing headshots within your team.

Here’s what’s new:

Brand New Team Dashboard:

➜ We’re thrilled to unveil our revamped Team Dashboard, designed to streamline your team’s headshot management process like never before. With our latest enhancements, you can effortlessly handle every aspect of your team’s headshots, making your workflow smoother and more efficient than ever. Here’s what you can continue to do seamlessly with our rebranded Team Dashboard:

■ Add or remove team members with ease.

■ Send timely reminders to ensure headshot updates.

■ Upload photos on behalf of your team members effortlessly.

■ Manage backgrounds to customize your team’s look.

■ Bulk download headshots for convenient access.

■ Easily purchase additional credits to support your needs.

➜ We’re excited to introduce a range of new features to elevate your headshot management experience:

■ Streamlined Photo Requests: Review and action New Photo Requests directly within the dashboard, ensuring seamless collaboration with your team.

■ Expanded Background Library: Explore an even wider selection of backgrounds in our library to enhance your team’s visual presence.

■ Enhanced Security: Password protection is available for all dashboards.*

■ Team Leader Approval: Team leaders can now approve a headshot before it’s delivered.*

■ Quality Preferences: We’ll always index towards quality, but team leaders can now set their team to index towards completion, allowing lower quality submissions to be retouched.*

Watch this quick video to learn more about the new Team Dashboard!

Real-Time Moderation*:

➜ production managers will provide near-immediate (15 min.) feedback on all team member submissions.

Customized Emails*:

➜ Tailor your team’s experience by personalizing the Welcome and Reminder emails that go out to your team members. 

➜ You have the option to customize the entire Welcome email or a specific section.

➜ You can add a customized section to the reminder email.

Tutorial Customization*:

➜ Add a customized section to the tutorial – This is helpful for sharing company guidelines with your team before they dive into the headshot process.

Email Communication Control*:

➜ Turn on/off email delivery so that you can control what communications your team members receive. 

File Accessibility:

➜ If you have 2 file versions of your team’s headshots (PNGs, additional backgrounds, etc), download both the Standard and Additional files directly from your Team Dashboard for effortless access.

Email Validation and Credits:

➜ If you add an invalid email address, the email will automatically be removed and the credit will go back to your balance. An email will be sent to you notifying you of this. 

Individual Team Member Dashboards:

➜ Your team members are empowered with their own personalized individual dashboards where they will be able to monitor their status, approve headshots, or request additional edits. 

Effortless Self-Serve Team Member Sign-Ups*:

➜ Team Members can now sign themselves up using a dedicated signup form that automatically adds them to your team dashboard, for a seamless onboarding experience. 

➜ There are two purchase options with team member self signup:

1.  Bulk purchase credits for your team, so that when your team member signs up, a credit will be deducted and they will automatically be added to the Team Dashboard.

2.  Your team member will be able to purchase their headshots themselves, signing them up and automatically adding them to the Team Dashboard.

Background Library: 

➜ Get inspiration and options for your team’s background with our newly designed background library with hundreds of backgrounds to choose from. 

➜ Narrow down the backgrounds options with tags and search terms. 

Approved Backdrops for Selection by Team Members*:

➜ Elevate your team’s headshots by letting them choose from a variety of backgrounds that are approved by your Team Leader. 

Access Control*:

➜ Retain control over your team’s headshots by limiting the download capability after approval. Only the company retains full access to the finalized headshots.

If you’re interested in one or many of the above features or have any additional product/service feedback, please send us a note here:

These updates aim to enhance your headshot management experience, providing flexibility, control, and a streamlined process for you and your team. We can’t wait to see how these features elevate your team’s visual identity!

*Items marked with an asterisk are optional and/or paid features. Inquire for more information.
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