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Professional Headshots for Team and Organizations

Insurance Agent Headshots: Planning, Costs, Examples & More

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Earning the trust of prospective clients is an essential part of your position as an insurance agent. You put enormous effort into showing people you can help them get the right insurance coverage. So, why wouldn’t you put the same energy behind your professional headshot?

A thriving insurance company relies on building credibility with potential clients, so positive first impressions are vital. However, a good headshot is more than getting a decent photo of yourself or your team of agents.

Obtaining high-quality corporate headshots involves a few steps, including but not limited to:

  • Coordinating your team’s dynamic schedules
  • Offering guidance throughout the editing process
  • Securing studio and equipment rentals
  • Overseeing the project and communicating with the photographer

If that sounds daunting, that’s because it can be!

Let us make the process easier for you. This comprehensive guide outlines how to plan, budget, and execute a professional insurance agent headshot shoot so you can capture stunning headshots for your entire team.


The Importance of Good Headshots for Insurance Agents

Polished insurance agent headshots help build trust in your individual agents and your company as a whole. That professional image can go a long way toward new clients envisioning the benefits they gain by working with you.

Ultimately, the best way to understand the value of a professional headshot is to see an example:

This first set of well-framed and well-lit images showcases two professional agents. These headshots make it easy to put a face to a name, and from a branding perspective, they exude an aura of approachability, expertise, and experience.

Now, let’s take a look at a set of images that could use improvement:

Though the agents in these headshots have friendly smiles, they’re unevenly framed and poorly lit. They don’t communicate cohesion as a team, like in the first set of photos.

If a client had to choose an insurance agency based on these headshots, it’s easy to see which would earn their trust faster. Professional headshots for your team of agents help build the foundation for a strong client relationship.


Planning a Headshots Session for Your Insurance Agents

Use one of the following two roadmaps to secure headshots for your insurance agents.

A Traditional Photo Shoot [The Hard Way]

1. Block Out Time with Your Team

Carve out several blocks of time where your entire team is available for a photo session. You should have a couple of dates, a budget, and, ideally, some photo references before seeking out a headshot photographer in your area.

Note that prices tend to be higher for shoots conducted on short notice. If your team can wait and reserve a later date for updated headshots, you may have more options with the photographer and total project cost.

2. Seek Out Photographers in Your Area

Find a professional photographer that aligns with your goals and budget. Set clear parameters and expectations on how many headshots you need, detailing when you’d like to receive the final photos.

Once you find the right photographer, seal the deal with a standard contract outlining the specific terms of service.

3. Get Ready for Shoot Day

Make sure your team has a good sense of what you expect of them on set, and decide on some wardrobe guidelines for your photo shoot. Have your agents reschedule any conflicting appointments with clients ahead of time.

4. Have the Photo Shoot

Shoot day is here! Advise your team to arrive at least 10 minutes early to the photo shoot location to account for any possible setup hiccups. On set, time is money, so everyone’s focus is essential when following your photographer’s directions.

Your photographer will naturally provide guidance when it comes to posing your agents. Keep an eye on the monitor to ensure you get the headshot style you want.

5. Work Through the Editing Process

Once the photo session is complete, expect to get photos back within a few days to weeks, depending on your photographer’s schedule.

You may have to communicate with your photographer about editing and retouching, so be prepared to consult with them until you receive those final photos. [An Easier Approach]

A traditional photo session is an established approach, but it can be expensive, may come with some challenges, and takes significant time away from your clients. Simply coordinating people’s schedules for a single shoot date can be difficult, and it might be downright impossible for remote teams or staff members spread across several locations.

Fortunately, you can opt for a 100% virtual headshot experience with

Our services produce studio-quality headshots at a fraction of the price without requiring anyone to leave the office. We guide your agents from start to finish, managing the entire process and helping your team capture photos with equipment they already have.

Together, we can figure out the right background for your brand or build a custom backdrop to align with your branding aesthetics. We give your agents wardrobe and posing guidelines to ensure you get amazing pictures.

Once we receive your photos, we professionally edit and retouch each one by hand. You can expect finished headshots within 3 business days of receipt, all backed by our Happiness Guarantee.

Use your new headshots for your insurance agency’s website, LinkedIn page, and social media profiles—you name it! With, you can count on us to deliver quality headshots on time ahead of your rebrand or website update.


What to Wear

Start building a positive relationship with your insurance clients with the right wardrobe for the job. Let’s review a few basic guidelines to pass along to your team as they prepare for an in-person or virtual headshot session.

Women’s Headshots

Successful attire for women’s headshots starts with a simple neckline that doesn’t distract from the photo. It’s best to opt for dark, solid colors over patterns or overly bright styles that may stick out on a company’s website.

If you opt for a light-colored underlayer, be sure the blazer or sweater you layer on top of it is dark. Natural makeup and light accessories are acceptable, but limit them to what you wear daily.

Men’s Headshots

The wardrobe for men’s headshots begins with a light-colored, collared shirt. Pair this shirt with a darker outer layer, usually a suit or jacket, and occasionally a lightly patterned tie. Hair should be well groomed and preferably combed back. Wear a well-tailored outfit for that sharp, professional appearance.


Examples of How to Pose

The team at provide plenty of guidelines so your agents can put their best foot forward, but it’s a good idea to have some compelling poses in your back pocket.

Here are some tried-and-true poses to help your agents make a powerful first impression on prospective clients.

The Close-Up

The close-up shot is a classic for a reason. It effortlessly communicates professionalism while giving your clients a clear picture of their insurance agents.

Have your agent stand tall with their shoulders back. Pair this look with a soft smile and focus directly on the camera.

Pivoted Power

Give off an air of collected confidence and make a positive impression using this power pose.

Have your agents stand with their feet shoulder-width apart and one shoulder angled toward the camera. With a tall, strong posture, have your insurance agents lightly cross their arms or place their hands on their hips. Then, look at the camera with a grand grin and focused gaze.

Casual Confidence 

If your agency works in a specialized area or if it’s appropriate for your brand, a more casual pose or background may suit your insurance agents.

Have your agents pose in front of an uncluttered part of the office or outdoors with some greenery or a cityscape backdrop. Whether you opt for a close or wide angle, a smile is what sells these relaxed, less formal poses.


Typical Cost of Headshots for Insurance Agents

The cost of headshots for insurance agents varies depending on the size of your team, shoot expectations, and location. With that in mind, it’s not unreasonable to expect to pay hundreds of dollars per headshot when going the traditional photo shoot route:

Approximate Price Paid per Finished Headshot

Traditional Photo Shoot* 
$100 to $1,000 per headshot $25 to $50 per headshot

*Not including pre-planning or opportunity costs due to the logistics involved with a traditional photo shoot

Though it may be more than you might expect, once you account for the cost of the photographer’s expertise, equipment rentals, and studio time, you can understand how these expenses add up.

It’s also important to consider that traditional photo shoot sessions have opportunity costs. Your insurance agents have to allocate time away from their clients to accommodate the shoot.

A virtual service like comes with a much more affordable price tag without sacrificing the quality of the photos.

This online option is particularly appealing to remote teams or agents in several locations. Since the process is entirely remote, your agents can capture their pictures whenever it’s convenient using equipment they already own.

The end-to-end service costs $50 per hand-edited headshot and can be as low as $25 per headshot. From managing the project to the finishing touches, our hard-working team is ready to support you through the whole process.


Get Studio-Quality Insurance Agent Headshots with a Fraction of the Effort

Elevate your agents and help your insurance agency score more clients with the power of professional, polished headshots for a fraction of the cost and effort. Learn more about our 100% virtual headshot services and get started in just a few clicks.


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