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Professional Headshots for Team and Organizations

Tech Headshots: How to Plan, Costs, Examples & More

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Picture this: You’re a tech company with a beautiful website. You meticulously chose the colors and design. Shouldn’t the headshots on your “Our Team” page and in signatures of emails feel the same?

Any great tech team knows that having a great product is essential, but it’s the people behind it helping drive sales and build customer relationships. There is measurable value in first impressions, so high-quality headshots should be a priority for tech companies.

However, acquiring polished headshots isn’t just about capturing a single photo. The effort required to get professional headshots may be more demanding than you expect and include several tasks, such as:

  • Securing equipment rentals
  • Project management and coordinating fluctuating schedules
  • Creating a cohesive backdrop and wardrobe
  • Editing, retouching, and formatting final photos

To help, we’ve captured every stage of the process so you can obtain high-quality tech headshots for your entire team. This guide outlines the planning, budget, and execution of a successful photo session with real-life examples.


The Importance of Good Headshots When Working in Tech

Tech relies on the strength of the people behind the product since there isn’t always a tangible asset to demonstrate value. As a result, a prospective customer’s first impressions of the tech workers behind a product become much more important.

One way to show the difference headshots make is by taking a look at a team that’s invested in them versus one that hasn’t had the opportunity to do so:

As you can see from this example, this team has taken the time to produce polished tech headshots with a cohesive backdrop. From a client’s perspective, we get the sense that each team member works as a part of a collective unit, and it’s much easier to put a name to a face to start building a relationship.

Now, let’s take a look at a tech team based near New York City that doesn’t even have headshots:

As impressive as these background descriptions are, building an immediate, personal connection with the management team is challenging. As the adage says, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” For developing valuable client relationships, positive visual communication is invaluable.


Planning a Headshots Session for You or Your Tech Company

Are you ready to set up a tech headshot session for you or your entire tech company? Let’s walk through the two ways of securing professional headshots: the traditional photo shoot and a modernized virtual method.

The Traditional Way [A Classic Photo Shoot]

1. Preproduction

Before reaching out to photographers, find several windows of time that your team members can block off for a photo shoot. It’s typically most cost-effective to capture photos of everyone in a single photo session, so some of your staff may have to sacrifice time with their clients.

Get a good sense of your budget expectations and have a list of any specific equipment you’d like to use before speaking with the photographer.

2. Lock Down a Contract

After meeting with a few photographers, agree upon a contract for the scope of work and date(s) for your headshot photo shoot.

Be sure to discuss post-production expenses like editing and retouching, too. You might have to tack on additional costs for extras like studio or equipment rentals.

3. Brief Your Team

When on set, time is money. Be sure your team is fully prepared for shoot day and arrange for everyone to arrive several minutes early. Share guidelines ahead of time regarding proper wardrobe.

4. Conduct the Photo Shoot

On shoot day, though your photographer will lead your team through poses, be sure you oversee the process to ensure you’re getting the shots you want.

5. Wait on the Final Proofs

You can expect to wait several days to weeks for your final photos after the photo shoot. You may also have to offer guidance throughout the editing process. Once you receive the final photos, you can update your website accordingly. [A Modernized Approach]

A traditional headshot photo session may be out of the question for some tech companies; it can depend on your location, budget, and team schedules. Fortunately, there’s an easier way to lock down professional headshots for your tech staff without ever stepping foot in a studio. has modernized the headshot process, making the experience 100% virtual. This approach is great for both local teams and staff working across multiple locations, whether based in Silicon Valley or Miami.

We make it easy to get polished headshots for a fraction of the traditional cost. We guide your team in capturing photos by using equipment they already have.

As soon as you set up your headshot campaign, we manage the entire project, so you don’t have to juggle your staff’s dynamic schedules. Once we receive your photos, our trained staff edits each photo by hand to ensure stellar results.

You receive completed headshots within three business days of submitting your photo(s), all backed by our Happiness Guarantee. Download your headshots directly from our online portal and update your LinkedIn pages, social media profiles, and company website to instantly make a stronger and more positive impression on your potential clients.

What to Wear

The wardrobe you choose is another opportunity to communicate your professionalism to clients. Here are a few general outfit guidelines when capturing your tech team’s headshots.

Women’s Headshots 

When selecting headshot attire for the women in your office, start with a simple neckline. A dark, solid color palette works best, as it helps build contrast against the backdrop of the headshot.

You can layer your outfit with a cardigan or blazer, but avoid any busy patterns. Light makeup and accessories are welcome, too, though be sure your appearance is more or less reflective of how you present yourself daily.

Actual customers

Men’s Headshots 

A top-notch tech headshot starts with a collared shirt for men’s attire. Preferably, this shirt is a solid, dark color without any ostentatious patterns.

Layer the collared shirt with a suit jacket and tie for an extra polished look. Feel free to don pins or ties that align with your company’s branding, though any accessories should be an enhancement, not a distraction.

Actual customers


Examples of How to Pose

Our team of trained professionals at guides you through the photo-capturing process, though it’s always wise to have some posing ideas in mind. Consider some of these tech headshot poses to make them effortlessly shine.

The Friendly Professional

Use this tried-and-true pose for close-ups and profile photos. Instruct your staff to stand up straight, with a focused gaze, and frame the shot from the shoulder up. Be sure they face the camera directly while smiling brightly for a friendly and confident tech headshot.

The Power Pose

Project an aura of confidence with this striking stance. Have your subjects pose with their feet shoulder-width apart, lightly crossing their arms across the chest. Pair this pose with a soft smile for an impressive, professional tech headshot.

The Adventurer

Are you trying to brand your services to a specific industry niche or area? Give your shot more built-in context by opting for a wider angle. Have your subject stand tall and use a background that shares more about your specialty without overshadowing the photo’s focus.


Typical Cost of Tech Headshots

Your budget is one of the most important considerations when pricing tech headshots for your team. While it may seem like a high price tag, it’s not uncommon for a single headshot to cost hundreds of dollars when obtained through a traditional photo shoot.

Keep in mind that you aren’t just paying for a single photo. You’re also factoring in costs related to securing an available photographer’s time and expertise, equipment, and post-production costs:

Approximate Price Paid per Finished Headshot

Traditional Photo Shoot* 
$100 to $1,000 per headshot $25 to $50 per headshot

*Not including pre-planning or opportunity costs due to the logistics involved with a traditional photo shoot

Utilizing a virtual headshot service like is a much more economical option that still produces studio-quality results. You save time and money without sacrificing the professional look of a polished headshot.

Don’t forget that traditional photo shoots also come with a significant opportunity cost. You have to set aside several hours to coordinate your staff’s schedules and manage the process.

With, your team can capture photos on their own time using equipment they already have. You can expect your headshots to cost about $50 per finished picture, though they can be as low as $25 per picture, depending on your needs.

Since the process is 100% virtual, it’s an ideal option for remote teams or staff in several locations. Once your team submits their photos, you can expect completed headshots within three business days, backed by our Happiness Guarantee.


Next Steps: Get Studio-Quality Tech Headshots at a Fraction of the Hassle

Our trained staff is here to handle the entire process so your team can focus on your clients. From providing photo-taking tips to hand-editing each headshot, we’re ready to help your team stand out on LinkedIn and beyond.

Take your brand to new heights with studio-quality headshots in just a few clicks. Ready to get started? Learn more about our virtual headshot services here.


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