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Professional Headshots for Team and Organizations

Headshot Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

By June 17, 2021November 21st, 2022No Comments

Presenting yourself professionally with new headshots is a great way to improve your brand visibility. You might use your headshot on your business cards, company web page, social media profiles, and article bios. Because this photo will draw a lot of attention, it is imperative to pay attention to your hair styling and headshot makeup. 

The Importance of Headshot Makeup

Your appearance in your headshot is very important when it comes to presenting yourself to customers. However, for many people, there is the added layer of wearing makeup. Depending on your line of work, your clients may be more scrutinizing of your appearance and expect a certain amount of “polish.” Thus, it is important that both men and women think about their hair and faces before taking headshot photos. Start your preparations several days before you plan to take your photos. With, you are in control. You get to choose exactly when and where you take your photos – and you can dry as many times until you take a photo you love! Therefore, as you prepare, consider what you’ll need to do. Whether that’s amplifying your skincare routine, getting a haircut, etc., you want to be ready. 

By investing in your headshot, you show that you are invested in yourself. Showing you care shows that you are attentive. You want to make a lasting impression with your professional headshot. You can use a professional headshot to build your credibility in a competitive job market, whether you’re looking for a new position or starting a business. With, people can take professional quality headshots from the comfort of their homes!

When applying make-up, take note and be aware of your lighting source, wardrobe, hair placement, and angles. This also ties in facial expressions as well! As you create your new headshot with, we want you to keep your headshot makeup in mind. Here are a few ways you can ensure your photo is presentable, utilizing these Headshot Makeup Do’s and Dont’s.

Headshot Makeup Do’s:

There are many ways to utilize headshot makeup to your advantage. To make sure your photo really dazzles, our editors will retouch your photo so you can put your best face forward. But with the right tips, tricks, and accentuations, you can accentuate your features, which is what will really elevate your headshot photos.

  • Keep your appearance as natural as possible.
  • Your face shape and tone should be suitably highlighted with your headshot makeup.
  • Help your eyes stand out by wearing contrasting colors
    • Blue eyes: Warm browns and taupe peaches are a great choice of eyeshadow colors.
    • Brown, dark brown, or almost black eyes: Purples, greens, blues, gold, and charcoals will make your eyes pop. 
    • Green eyes: Aureate (a luminescent gold tone), peach, and violet will accent nicely. 
    • Grey eyes: Opt for charcoal, purple, and golden brown eyeshadows. 

Makeup Tips

  • Your eyes should be a focal point of your portrait. Thus, your eyes should be the most prominent part of your face. You want your eyes to stand out, but not with a “smokey eye” or “winged liner.” You want to look ready to do business, not walk the red carpet!
  • Keep your hairstyle consistent with what you would present in the workplace. Tie in your natural makeup look to your hairstyle.
  • Use concealer. Photos sometimes highlight areas we’d rather not accentuate, so conceal areas that need correction. Apply concealer under your eyes and blend it in with a sponge or your finger.
  • Ensure that blemishes are covered and powdered.
  • In addition to powdering your nose, forehead, and chin, use a setting spray to cut down on the shine.
  • Yes, men can wear makeup too. Many men opt to apply makeup to even skin tone and cut down on shine before a photoshoot. 
  • This is not the time for a lot of gloss, but that doesn’t mean you should go with bare lips. Consider a mauve or berry lip shade as a neutral option. You want to add some color to your lips to liven up your face. And it will give your face a little more flair if you put some color on your lips. 
  • Your hair should be well-styled. Your hair should frame your face.
  • If you have long hair, it should not be tied in a ponytail or bun. This goes for men, too. No trendy warrior knots on the top of your head!
  • Make sure your hair is blown out for some volume, smooth out the frizz, and pay attention to the front. 

Headshot Makeup Don’ts

To ensure that your headshot photos are of the highest quality, there are some things you should avoid. In fact, here are a few tips and tricks that we recommend NOT doing!

  • Don’t use shimmery makeup, as it will reflect in the camera in an unflattering way. 
  • Make sure your lips aren’t too bright or too red. You don’t want your lips to be the first thing people see when they look at your headshot. Remember, it’s all about the eyes!
  • Don’t just get out of bed and snap your photos. It’s important that you look awake and ready to work, not sleepy. 
  • Do not undergo laser treatments or chemical facials the night before a photoshoot. Give your skin plenty of time to rest. 
  • Make sure that you do not contour your face too much. Save the contouring of your face and other trendy makeup looks for Instagram or hanging out with your friends. 

First Impressions

It’s all about first impressions. Your resume wouldn’t be acceptable if it were torn and crumpled with coffee stains. Thus, the same holds true for your professional headshot. Employers will interpret the appearance of your headshot as suggesting that you’d rather be chatting with friends than at work. Putting extra effort into your headshot and a job application is essential. If you neglect one of these two key areas, a potential employer may wonder what kind of effort you will put into the job.

Therefore, taking the time to prepare for a job shows that you want it. In fact, once you have put yourself together and taken your photos, you need to review everything one more time. What is your business headshot saying about you? An image of you should let someone know what it is you do or determine certain things about you. Use the above tips to evaluate your photos. Are there any shots that reflect your brand accurately? If not, test out a different headshot makeup look and take a few more photos before you send in the winner. Our professional editors will add that professional polish to it once you narrow it down.

Now it’s time to discover how to make your best self shine. Get in front of your mirror and try out different looks! The message your headshot conveys is crucial to your success. As such, the purpose of your headshot is to encourage someone to take the next step. Get started with your professional headshot today!