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Not So Corporate Headshots

By August 12, 2021November 21st, 2022No Comments

Corporate headshots add value to your online presence in a variety of ways. You can use these photos on your website, LinkedIn, email signatures, pitch decks, and more. These photos can also create team buy-in and support hiring and retention efforts. But what if your corporate vibe is… not so corporate? 

If you’re in the market for team headshots, but you want to ditch the stuffy, traditional look, check out This innovative startup allows you and your team to create the not-so-corporate team headshots that fit your company best. Read on to see how this tool will help your company achieve the look you’re going for, to set you apart from the crowd. 

How It Works: Corporate Headshots for Teams

With, you’ll select a background that fits your company’s look and brand. You can choose from a library of options, or color match it to your brand palette. You can choose some neat visual details such as shape and outline, as well! Make sure you complete this step BEFORE sending it out to your team members. 

Once your background is set, you’ll add team members. Simply enter their names and email addresses, so info about taking their headshot is sent directly to each person. You will even set a deadline for them to get their photo uploaded!

When your team members receive their email, they’ll have access to a tutorial. will walk them through each step to create the perfect new headshot photo. And they’ll be able to do it using only a cell phone, in less than 15 minutes!

If a team member is not ready to take their new photo immediately, that’s okay, too. They can go through our guide, make some notes and plans, and come back later to upload the photo. We also have plenty of great tips on our blog to helps with posing, lighting, and general prepping. 

Show Some Personality with These Not So Corporate Headshot Ideas

Not-so-corporate headshots are perfect for small business owners, bloggers, tech startups, realtors, authors, and creative entrepreneurs. These portraits can be styled to tell the story of your company and each individual team member. They’re becoming more popular because they’re a way to showcase personal brand identity. 

The first step to infusing personality into your team’s headshots is to think and plan. How do you plan to use the images? What vibe do you want to convey? What are your brand colors? Do you prefer a certain pose or expression

In today’s market, businesses now have the freedom to showcase personality. Team members can do this through their personal style, so choose colors and styles that fit your brand. 

Encourage your team members to be their authentic selves, let loose, and have fun as they take their photos. Choose some fun pump-up songs and encourage your team members to play them and have fun as they take their photos. The more a person can feel like themself, the more authentic and relaxed they will look in the final image. 

Visual Branding and Creativity

Your company has likely invested time and money into branding and marketing. That’s why it’s important that you plan your not-so-corporate headshots around those details. We’ve discussed using brand colors, such as for background and attire, but it’s more than that. 

The way you pose and your facial expressions can also convey meaning. Make sure your team understands the message they’re trying to send, and that the message aligns with your brand. 

For example, traditional headshot poses might feature more serious poses and faces. However, one hand in the hair or a jacket over the shoulder says, “I’m fun and approachable.” Consider what fits your brand and get creative!

Tips and Tricks to Make Corporate Headshots Stand Out

One of the benefits of using to take your company’s headshot photos is that it is extremely customizable. You’ll choose the background, and then you can give specific instructions to team members. 

Since they’ll be taking the photos themselves (or with a coworker, friend, or family member), they’ll have time to plan and practice. When you take team photos in the office with a photographer, someone is bound to be absent, throwing things off. Or maybe everyone is there, but one person is having a bad day and feeling less than enthusiastic. 

When you provide team members with all the guidance they need to take their images, they’ll feel empowered. They’ll have the opportunity to try hairstyle, makeup, and wardrobe choices at home. They’ll feel relaxed and deliver genuine, happy images. These photos will stand out. 

Get Your Corporate Headshots Started

Corporate headshots are a great way to show stakeholders who you are. You can tell your clients, investors, and employees what to expect from your company using visual cues. So what story are you telling? If you’re going for a not-so-corporate look with your company headshots, then is the solution for you. Whether your teams are on-site or remote, this tool will help you create a cohesive, fun, and unique look. Not-so-corporate

To get started, sign up for your virtual headshots today. We’ll provide the guidance you need, plus world-class retouching to create beautiful, high-quality corporate headshots. There’s no reason to wait.