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Wedding Website Headshots: Yes, You Need Them!

By June 1, 2021November 21st, 2022No Comments

Over the last decade, we have seen wedding websites grow in popularity. These sites are a fantastic way to share information with your guests. You can share details about the wedding, lodging, activities near the venue, and much more. One of the most popular pages on wedding websites is the one sharing information about the wedding party. But maybe you hadn’t considered using wedding website headshots. We’re here to tell you how such photos can really improve your wedding website! 

Wedding Party Wedding Website Headshots

Your wedding party page is an important part of your wedding story. Here you can share photos and blurbs about the close friends and family members who are participating in your wedding. Wedding website headshots are a great way to create consistency on your wedding party page. Instead of using blurry, low quality, or sloppy photos, you can easily have your wedding party members create headshots. And what a great wedding party gift! Instead of something that will just end up collecting dust in a cupboard, gift your friends with something useful: professional-quality headshots.

Using the teams function, you can easily sign up and pay for headshots for your wedding party members. Wherever they are! You will get great photos for your website, and your friends will get a great headshot they can use for themselves. As we know, a lot of folks make the mistake of cropping their “headshot” out of professional group wedding photos. Thus, you can save your friends from themselves in advance! 

Family Member Wedding Website Headshots

Many wedding websites feature a family page. This is a lovely way to include family in your celebration. You can even write a little blurb about the family members who may have active roles in the ceremony. But it’s no great honor if you write up something moving and then pair it with an old, unattractive photo. Again, this is a fantastic opportunity to create a high-quality headshot. This will also prevent some awkward conversations. Imagine telling a relative that the photo they sent you to use is inappropriate or way too old!  

With, they can easily create a new headshot from the comfort of their home. You can select the custom background and feel secure in knowing that a professional retoucher will make the final edits. In fact, having family members create wedding website headshots means you’ll have a cohesive look across your website. 

Choose A Style And Stick With It

Weddings are an opportunity for you to put your style front and center. While you carefully select wedding linens, flowers, and invitations, you don’t want to forget your website. Just as you will pay close attention to design and decor decisions for your wedding, so to your website. You want this website to be a reflection of you and your partner. This space will be an indication of what guests can expect from your wedding, as well. 

When you use for wedding website photos, you can choose your aesthetic. You can select a custom background or background color for all of your wedding party members. While you will certainly have beautiful professional photos of you and your fiancé, why use outdated photos for everyone else? Your website will reflect your style and feel cohesive and polished when you have coordinating headshots. 

Set The Tone With Wedding Website Headshots

Wedding website headshots are a great way to set the tone for your website and your event. It will give you an opportunity to discuss styles and themes with your wedding party members. You most certainly have specific style plans for the wedding, so why not start with your photos? Maybe you would like the bridesmaids all to wear a similar hairstyle in their website photos. Maybe you would like the groomsmen to wear the same colored shirt in their photos. 

By having your wedding party members create headshots, you can set the tone for the whole wedding. This could be a great way to help you determine details like wedding colors and wedding party attire. Think of it as a way to start your wedding planning early and to share that with your guests. Your wedding party members will understand your expectations of them early in the process, and your guests will see that you are a top-notch planner. 

Set The Trend

The world of wedding trends is rapidly changing. Thanks to sites like Pinterest and social media platforms like Instagram, new ideas get shared quickly. But why sit back and copy old wedding ideas when you can be on the cutting edge? You can be the wedding trendsetter when you design a wedding website that’s head and shoulders (pun intended) above the rest.  

Just like you want your wedding day to be picture-perfect, you should reflect that attention to detail on your wedding website. Your wedding will only last a day, but your wedding website will be viewed for months leading up to your wedding. And if you choose, it may continue to live online for years afterward. Therefore, this is a perfect space to pull together your wedding theme and practice that careful planning. provides a new and growing service, helping people create professional headshots using only their phones. You can harness this new technology to make your wedding website stand out. Once others see how flawless your wedding website headshots look, the trend will certainly spread. And where would you rather be? On the forefront of a trend, or kicking yourself for being just a little bit behind the ball?

Start Today

We all know that wedding planning can be stressful. There seem to be a million and one details to attend to. The last thing you need to worry about is chasing folks around for high-quality images for your wedding website. If you want to make your wedding website really shine, cohesive headshots are the way to go. Plus, you will be gifting something truly useful and long-lasting to your friends and family members. Get started today by signing up for the teams package here.


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