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Professional Headshots for Team and Organizations

A Virtual Headshot Service: The Answer to Your Photo Needs

By August 19, 2021August 11th, 2023No Comments

Professional headshots are synonymous with business these days. As our online presence grows, especially professionally, the value of a great headshot rises. And a virtual headshot service can be the answer to such photo needs. 

Professionals use headshots in all lines of business. Whether on a company page, LinkedIn profile, email signature, or Zoom profile. This headshot lets people know who you are, even if you never interact with them face-to-face. That’s why high-quality photos are so valuable. But the same reasons that photos are in such demand can make getting them difficult and costly. 

Perhaps you find yourself changing up your look frequently, thus needing new, updated, and accurate photos. Or maybe you use photos across a range of platforms and networks, necessitating options. Whatever your need is, a virtual headshot service can fulfill these needs quickly, easily, and affordably. 

However, not everyone realizes that a virtual headshot service is even an option! Much less one that will result in a truly polished final product. 

Thus, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about headshots for individuals and teams. These questions and thoughtful answers demonstrate how a virtual headshot service can benefit you and your company. 

How does a virtual headshot service work?

If you’re looking for a virtual headshot service, can help! By making YOU the hero of this journey, we’ll support you in creating images that meet your needs and goals. 

It all starts when you make your purchase – either as an individual or a team package. But just because you sign up doesn’t mean you need to take your photo(s) right away! We’ll provide all the support and tools you need to plan your photo session. 


As an individual, you will start by reviewing our tutorial and our guide. This will help you make decisions that will impact the background color you choose, your wardrobe, your pose, and even your facial expression! We provide tons of resources on our blog, as well. 


If you’re purchasing a team package, you will make a few executive decisions before looping in your team members. You’ll need to determine the background color/style in advance, as well as set a deadline for when team members must submit their photos for editing. You may want to make some other decisions to share with your team. For example, what color they should wear, or any other details you have in mind to promote a cohesive look.  

Once you feel ready, it’s time to take photos! Since you’ll be taking these photos with your phone from the comfort of your home, you can take as many as you need. Once you have a photo you’re happy with, you’ll submit it to your portal. Team members will also receive necessary prompts and deadline reminders to do this. 

Once received these photos, one of our world-class photo editors will retouch them. This is what gives your photos the polished, professional look. At a fraction of the price of traditional methods! The retouching and editing process typically takes 3 to 5 business days. 

Is a virtual headshots service cheaper than hiring a photographer?

Creating your headshot with a virtual headshot service is absolutely more cost-effective than hiring a photographer. But there are some additional bonuses, as well. For example, many people feel uncomfortable posing in front of a stranger. This can result in stiff or even unfriendly-looking photos.

However, with, you’re taking the photos yourself with your phone’s camera timer, or with a friend or family member. Thus, you will be more relaxed and comfortable, and likelier to catch that perfect blend of professional warmth and trustworthiness. 

Is it difficult to use a virtual headshot service for a team?

On the contrary! Using a virtual headshot service is much easier than taking traditional team photos. In fact, with so many teams working remotely or from different locations, a virtual headshot service is the only way to go! 

Even if your team is localized at one office, scheduling a photoshoot can be a challenge. Someone may call out sick, or have some other emergency pop up. Someone else might spill coffee on themselves in the breakroom and not have a change of clothes readily available. With a virtual headshot service, these issues completely disappear. 

How do I prepare myself or my team?

To prepare yourself or your team for your virtual headshots, dive into the website and resources. Start by thinking about your brand, individually or for your company. Are there specific colors you would like to (or need to) incorporate? What vibe or personality are you trying to convey? 

For example, if your company is a financial firm, you might direct team members to dress formally in suits. However, you might also then direct them to smile widely in their headshots, to convey friendliness and honesty. It’s all about balance and striking the right tone that will resonate with your clients or colleagues. 

Once you’ve made these decisions, be sure that everyone who needs to know the guidelines has that information available to them. If you’re only creating a headshot for yourself, you may create a couple of personas to try out and see which yields the best results. Then take lots of photos and choose your favorite!

Can we use a virtual headshot service as part of our onboarding process?

Absolutely! One of the great benefits of a virtual headshot service is that you can seamlessly integrate it into your company’s onboarding process. This way, instead of waiting for the next scheduled photoshoot, or making sure you have the same backdrop, etc., you’ll have updated employee images right away.

You’ll simply log into your account and add your new team member’s information. We’ll send them an email with their login information so they can create and upload a photo, just as with team photos. When you integrate virtual headshots into your onboarding process, you’ll be able to maintain an updated website. Thus, you will also demonstrate to your team members and new hires how much you value them. 

How often should I update an individual headshot?

As a general rule, you should get a new headshot every couple of years. However, a better metric might be, do you look like your current photo, even if it’s only a year or two old? While it can be tempting to hold on to older photos, it’s a bad idea. 

If you look nothing like your photo it may give your clients the feeling that you are not completely straightforward and candid. In fact, when someone has seen an old image of you, they can be taken off guard upon actually meeting you in person. This can create a disconnect– even if subconsciously– and send a message of inauthenticity.


A virtual headshot service can provide the ease, accessibility, and affordability for your photo needs. Whether you’re an individual looking to step up your game, or a team looking for consistency and cohesiveness, we can help. So get started on your virtual headshots today!

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