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How Taking a Company Headshot Creates Team Buy-In

By August 26, 2021October 9th, 2023No Comments

The hiring market has never been more competitive. According to Forbes, “the 2021 employment market revealed a surprise — there have not been as many candidates for some businesses as they would have hoped.” So to entice top talent, companies are trying to build great cultures that make employees want to join the team. 

But how can a company headshot impact culture? In fact, according to a survey by Fidelity, it turns out that what workers are looking for is a better quality of life. And what that entails might not be what you expect. 

This generation of job seekers want companies that value collaboration, innovation, and that make investments in their professional development. So what does that mean for companies looking to achieve this? You may be surprised to learn how a great company headshot can make a difference. 

We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of company headshots. You’ll learn how this relatively simple and affordable option can increase team buy-in, boost team morale, and even improve hiring. 

What is a Company Headshot?

A company headshot is also known as a corporate or professional headshot. It is a type of business portrait photo typically used on a company’s websites, pitch decks, and LinkedIn profiles. These company headshots are great for showcasing employees’ professionalism, friendliness, and competence.

Ideally, a company headshot should also help various stakeholders relate to, remember, or respect the team. For example, perhaps your business is a startup seeking partners and funding. Having high-quality, cohesive company headshots of your team in your pitch deck is a great way to earn respect. 

Additionally, these photos may give a nod to your company or brand, such as by using a specific color for the background. A great company headshot is thought out and connects the brand to its constituents: clients, stakeholders, AND employees. 

A company headshot is a great way for an employee to broadcast their company and role across social media. That’s why it can be a valuable tool for recruiting and retaining talent. 

Creating Your Company’s Meet the Team Page

A creative meet the team page is a wonderful place to show off your agency’s culture and team. When it comes to attracting job seekers, you can assume that they’ll start by checking your website. Thus, keeping in mind what employees are looking for in a company, try adding personality to this section. 

For instance, along with headshots, use videos, illustrations, or mention personal details about your employees. This will make your brand more memorable and desirable as both a client and an employer. 

Perhaps you could choose to include employees’ names, titles, and a fun fact about them. That could convey to potential employees that you value individuality and understand how unique skills can strengthen a team. 

Your company headshots will say a lot to those who visit your Meet the Team Page. That’s why it’s so important that you’re sending the right message with these photos. Read on to see how a company headshot can also increase team buy-in and improve company culture. 

How a Company Headshot Creates Team Buy-In

The phrase “buy-in” refers to when people accept and support a specific concept or course of action. When it comes to company culture, buy-in is important to create a sense of belonging and pride. It’s that positive quality that can help make employees feel they are achieving quality work-life balance. Making a job much more desirable. 

Engaging and including employees in your company’s brand vision is key to gaining buy-in and trust. Co-creation energizes your team, gains commitment, and provides direction. This can be achieved through high-quality, well-planned, and cohesive company headshots. 

You see, showcasing your team in a positive, unified manner indicates that you value the individuals and the team. You are also providing your employees with a valuable asset in a headshot that they can use across their own social and professional platforms. 

So what were those values that job seekers are after? That’s right; collaboration, innovation, and investments in professional development. Thus far, we’ve covered how great company headshots are a form of professional development. And when it comes to collaboration and innovation, planning these photos can give employees ownership. 

For some companies, this could be allowing the employees to select from an approved palette of background colors. Or perhaps allowing them to choose a quirky accessory for the photo. However your company aims to do this, keep in mind that collaboration and innovation are important steps of the process. 

How to Adapt Company Headshots for Remote Teams

You always want to deliver a consistent look, messaging, and values. This creates a clear picture in the viewers’ minds of who you are as a business. Consistency in your company headshots creates greater awareness, recognition, trust. 

Thus, consistency in these photos is key to sending the message that you are one unified team. It conveys that leadership is together, aligned, and “on the same page” as the rest of the workforce. But what if your “unified team” is scattered across the country or globe?

Whether your team is together in person or working remotely,’s virtual headshots are a simple way to get quality headshots. With a bit of direction for your employees and a custom background, your website team pictures will be cohesive and polished. 

How is this possible? Because your employees will take the photos themselves, and our world-class editors will handle the retouching. And our top-notch editing services take just 3 business days to complete!

Company Headshots for Branding and Team Culture

Remember, these photos are a great tool for unifying your team, showcasing your team and brand, and attracting new talent. The best company headshots make your people accessible and relatable. They tell current and potential employees that you’re a business with real values. 

Thus, think of creating company headshots as an opportunity to uniquely showcases your awesome brand and collaborative, innovative culture.

When it comes to branding in your company headshots, consider color usage. Use your company’s brand colors to guide choices for backgrounds and wardrobe choices. If you can, garner some input from your team as you make these choices. That will improve buy-in, as well. 

Whatever you and your employees decide on, make sure you consider the larger picture (pun very much intended). For example, you may choose a blue background that matches your brand hue. In that case, you may want to encourage your team members to wear a contrasting color. However, you should try to stay within your brand palette to maintain that company connection.

And when it comes to wardrobe, provide clear directions regarding formality. If you’re a financial firm, perhaps you want everyone to wear suits for their photos. If your company is in media or tech, you may want people to get fun and creative with their clothing choices. Whatever look you’re going for, just make sure your employees are aware so the headshots look cohesive!

Getting Started

Company headshots can help potential employees to learn about your company and get to know the people they will be working with. Thus, high-quality images of your team that represent your culture and brand can be a strong draw and create buy-in with current employees. 

Let help you create team buy-in: When you purchase virtual headshots for your company, you’re showing your company off as or inclusive, collaborative, and innovative. So reach out today to take your business to the next level. 


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