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Professional Headshots for Team and Organizations

Affordable Professional Headshot

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Job searching and networking in the digital age means your headshot is visible across a variety of online platforms. Your image is available to seekers at all times across the web. It doesn’t matter whether you are actively looking for work or simply trying to stay relevant in a rapidly-moving business world. A professional headshot is a must-have. Every job expert advises getting a professional photo taken for your LinkedIn profile page. But even for the other more “social” of the online media platforms, experts typically recommend a photo. However, not everyone has an up-to-date, professional photo they can use. So what’s a person to do to get an affordable professional headshot? 

We live our lives online these days and first impressions count – so it’s time to make them count in your favor. Read on for tips on how can help you with an affordable professional headshot. And check out the guide to how best to leverage that photo to make your story stand out. 

Why you should have a professional headshot

Regardless of your profession, professional headshots can help you build your personal brand. A good photo implies to hiring managers or potential business partners that you are put together and interested in advancing your career. They can also signal to people you encounter in the workforce that you care about making a great first impression. A great photo can also help set you apart in today’s world of faceless emails. You want to stay top of mind, and people are more likely to remember you if they know what you look like. Using a professional headshot on your LinkedIn profile and in your email humanizes you. This will help others to feel connected to you and take note.

In terms of job hunting, you want to stand out from other applicants. We think it would be great if everyone chose to get a professional headshot! However, that practice isn’t completely mainstream just yet. This is good for you since it means you will look extra polished when recruiters and hiring managers do their due diligence and find your fantastic image on your online profiles.

You want to show you’re taking your career seriously. Headshots show an investment in your career. While you might opt to take them yourself (and don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to do that the best way), having any kind of professional imagery front and center shows everyone you work with that you are serious about where your career is going. You will be showing people that you care because you’ve taken the time to focus on the little things and details.

When and where to use your professional headshot


As you look to build your personal brand, you will realize you may be leaving quite the digital footprint already. There are some obvious places you could use a great photo, such as your Twitter profile. If you’re interested in brand-building, or if you have a public-facing role, you should expect to update your Twitter photo with a more professional headshot. This is not the time for your avatar to default to your favorite cartoon character! 


You will also use this headshot if you have a professional Facebook page. While some jobs won’t require you to have a professional Facebook page, more and more are pushing this use, especially if you use that platform to interact with clients, customers, or other stakeholders. If you have a professional Facebook page, you will want to get your professional photo up and ready on that profile. 


One potential photo use that seems obvious but often gets forgotten is your email icon. Most email platforms give you the option to upload a photo that will appear when you pop into someone’s inbox. If you don’t set up this feature, and many people don’t, it will default to your initials. Take advantage of this option and give the receiver the chance to put a face to your name. This will help you stand out in various business and hiring scenarios, as people feel instantly more connected when they can picture you. Suddenly you’re a real person, not just a name in an inbox or on a resume.


Depending on your line of work, you may have a professional website. Though not all jobs require a personal website, if you are an independent contractor or a member of the “Gig Economy” then you certainly need one. If you have a business website, you may want several nice headshots to use throughout. If you work for a company, they may have a team page featuring your photo, as well. The last thing you want is a pixelated, old photo of you on a team or bio page extolling your skills! This is where an affordable professional headshot can really come in handy. 

How can you get a professional headshot cheap?

If you’re looking for cheap, be aware that professional headshots are going to run you at least $150, and often more. So, how do you go about getting a high-quality headshot without making a big dent in your bank account? Never fear, with you can take your own photo, guided by pros, and professionals will edit it for just a fraction of the cost. It’s the perfect way to get an affordable professional headshot without stress and expense. 

These days, you likely have a fantastic, high-quality digital camera. Of course, we mean your phone! And while you may not have the skills and know-how (yet) to take a great headshot, we can help. No, we don’t mean taking a selfie – please never use a dreaded selfie on any professional profile! Our team of expert photographers did the leg work to create easy-to-follow tutorials to guide you through the process of taking the photo. And then to top it off, our professional editors will clean things up and give you a great background. Voila, you’ll have a professional headshot and still have cash left to buy yourself lunch. 

How to get a great headshot 

As employers increasingly look at job candidates’ online profiles before making contact, headshots are more important than ever. A photo can make or break that crucial first impression. But if you find yourself on a tight budget while job hunting, instead of researching affordable professional headshots, you might give the “do-it-yourself” option a try first. But if your photo ends up looking more like a bad celebrity mug shot, or worse, one of these professional blunders (click at your own risk – these photos are nightmarishly bad), don’t worry – we can help. The tutorial was designed to meet the needs of non-photographers. It’s essentially foolproof! We will give you tips that will make sure you get a great shot, followed by high-level retouching and finishing. And you’ll have what you need to make your business profiles really stand out. 

As we all know, time is money, especially in this rapidly-paced digital world. Don’t let another day slip away without putting your best face forward. Affordable professional headshots are in your reach! Check out these tips for taking a great photo at home, and sign up today to get started on your very own DIY professional headshot at the fraction of the cost of a photographer.

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