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Why You Need A High-Quality Headshot

By May 3, 2021September 17th, 2021No Comments

When you hear the term “headshot” your mind might jump to stacks of photos on a Hollywood agent’s desk. That’s because, in the past, professional headshots were reserved for actors and models. But in today’s socially and digitally connected world, a modern headshot comes in handy for anyone looking to market themselves. We’ll explain why you need a high-quality headshot, and how you can get one quickly and easily. 

What is a professional headshot?

A professional headshot is a type of portrait, but with some specific attributes. A headshot is a tightly cropped photo of the face, from the shoulders up. The subject is “camera aware,” meaning you will typically be looking directly into the lens. In a headshot, your face should fill most of the frame.

When you take a headshot, it goes without saying that your face must be clearly visible. Many people smile in their headshots to look friendlier and more approachable. Depending on your industry and your comfortability, you can choose whether a big smile is appropriate or not. Either way, the focus should be on you and your expression. Nothing else should catch a viewer’s eye.

How much should I pay for professional headshots?

A session with a headshot photographer can start at about $150, but can easily be much higher depending on the market and quality of the photographer. If you’re hiring a photographer to shoot your whole team, that price will go up proportionally. However, with Heroic Headshots, you can get headshot photos for yourself or your team for just $50 each. Our simple tutorial and world-class photo editors deliver beautiful, cohesive, and on-brand headshots for your team within 3 business days.

If you’ve been putting off taking professional headshots due to cost, Heroic Headshots is the solution. Now is the time to invest wisely in your future. Get a great photo that will take your personal brand, social media image, and professional life to the next level.

Why you need a high-quality headshot for business

With more meetings occurring online and less face-to-face time, you want your true self to shine through in your headshot. Your professional headshot should reflect you, your business, how you do business, and what you stand for. Your headshot is as much a part of your branding as your logo. A great headshot ensures you’re making the best impression possible.

If you’re job hunting, having a professional headshot shows potential employers how confident you are. Today, more than ever, having a professional, high-quality headshot is crucial and expected in the business world. It is your first line of introduction to new clients or employers. Investing in a high-quality headshot is an investment in your personal brand. It shows you at your best, the way you want prospective clients or employers to see you.

Your digital identity

In today’s world, our digital identities have become a huge part of our lives. And headshots have become, in a way, the new business card or logo. Anyone who is entrepreneurial, looking for a new job, or is trying to step up their online presence needs an awesome headshot. A high-quality headshot is even a good idea for a profile photo for Facebook or Instagram! Having a great photo is crucial as more businesses are looking at your social media accounts during the hiring process.

Headshots have become the new business card as they’re how people come to know you. In many scenarios, it’s your first impression. According to Career Builder, 70% of employers will check out your social media profiles before hiring you. However, while this may seem creepy or over-reaching, it is how business is conducted in the 21st century. It also creates a great opportunity for you to impress your future employer or clients by showing them you are a professional off the clock, too.

It’s also important to keep in mind that there could be negative implications of not having a professional photo as your profile photo. Consider the photo you are using, if not a professional headshot. What does that photo say about you? Is it helping the brand you are trying to build? Additionally, is it a good representation of who you are trying to be? Knowing who may be looking, using a high-quality headshot could be a much better choice.

Make a great first impression

Take a look at your current headshot or profile photo. Does it make the first impression that you want? If you could wave a wand and show potential employers your best qualities, is this photo highlighting them? Do you think it represents you well?

Having an up-to-date headshot that puts you in your best light is invaluable. We’ve already mentioned social media and the role it plays. Having a high-quality headshot gives people a more accurate insight into who you are. In fact, you may also get a request asking for a headshot to accompany an article being written about you, or your employer may need one for the company website. If such a request comes up, you don’t want to fall back on a quick photo taken by a friend. Especially when it will be posted on a website or go out with a special professional announcement.

What makes a high-quality headshot?

Your headshot is a perfect and easy way to tell the story of who you are. A great headshot should show your personality, so people can get more of a sense of who you are while you maintain a professional air. Everything including the background, your facial expression, and your outfit will tell a story and allow viewers to get an idea of who you are. Be sure to consider each of these moving parts while you’re preparing to take your photos. They all will impact how well your headshot works for you. Luckily, with Heroic Headshots you can select your background and our tutorial will walk you through the photoshoot.

The look of your photo should match whatever you see as your “brand.” Everything about this photo should exude your story to the viewer. For example, if you work for a more casual company, you should wear clothing that matches that look instead of a power suit. If you work for a serious business like a mortuary, a toothy smile isn’t the best look for your headshot.

How to take a high-quality headshot with your phone

With Heroic Headshots, you’ll be able to take an impressive headshot by yourself, without special equipment or training. We’ll help you avoid headshot pitfalls such as unflattering lighting, busy backgrounds, and obvious selfies. Our tutorial provides step-by-step instructions, so even a novice can follow along and get a great photo. Then, our professional photo retouchers take your ordinary cellphone photo and turn it into a professional headshot.

A professional headshot is truly priceless, but with Heroic Headshots, it is also affordable. Now you know you need a high-quality headshot. This headshot is your brand and your first line of introduction, so make it a quality one andpurchase your Heroic Headshots package today. We make the process easy and enjoyable, and provide you with an image you will be proud to show.


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