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Professional Headshots for Team and Organizations

Everywhere to Use Your Professional Headshot 

By June 29, 2021September 17th, 2021No Comments

During the last 18 months, the world has changed immensely. With people turning to remote work instead of coming to a physical office, seeing your colleagues became a rarity. Suddenly, instead of in-person meetings, you would use your professional headshot to fill a box on a computer screen.

Before the pandemic, many jobs had a strong culture of socializing with peers and building a positive workplace environment. Since most people have been working from home, it is nearly impossible to build an environment where people bond with their colleagues. Those headshots have become more important than ever. 

Luckily, Heroic Headshots gives companies the ability to bring this environment back. With stunning headshot photos of each member of the team, you can see your peers again! 

Headshots should be updated, professional, and show off how confident you are as an employee. They are often your first impression during a business meeting, conference, or on your social media page that employers look at before an interview. It is so important they are up to date and professional to give an outstanding first impression to that potential new employer or business partner. 

Heroic Headshots guides you to take your own photo, then our team of professional editors retouches your photos to make them the perfect headshot for you and that new opportunity. By simply uploading a photo of you in your professional attire and picking a background, Heroic Headshots will have a professional photo editor touch up your picture and send it back to you! Now you have a beautiful, updated, and classy new headshot to use for all your upcoming business ventures.

How to Prepare for your Headshot

Professional headshots are worth it if you put time into them. Preparing before the real deal is extremely important because you must feel confident in yourself to get a good headshot. 

We recommend trying on a few different outfits and checking yourself out in the mirror to see which you like best. For men, one tip we recommend is a colored shirt to bring out your eyes or a classic dark color, like charcoal or navy. It is not ideal to wear a shirt with a logo on it, but there are other ways to express your personality. Try a small patterned shirt, or add a sweater or tie on top to stand out a little bit! 

For women, we recommend a similar style to men. Wear a fun-colored top or blouse to pop against the dark background. Another tip we have is to check yourself out in the mirror because you decide which you like best. The best thing to remember when choosing your outfit for your headshot is that the focus should be on your face, so make sure your outfit is not overpowering and distract from your smile.

Check out a few different types of lighting as well, to make sure you like how you look! Consider the different background options as you pick out your outfit. Practicing your smile and feeling comfortable in front of the camera is helpful to make you stay calm during the shoot. Doing all these tips and tricks will make sure that your professional headshots are worth it.

When to Update your Headshot

Does your current headshot make you feel proud? Do you look confident and put together? Does it reflect how you look now? If not, it is probably time to update your headshot to a more recent and professional photo.

Many professionals are still using their headshots from their first job. Your headshot must mirror how you currently look otherwise it can be confusing for your employer and colleagues. However, every time you change the color of your hair, that does not mean you need a new photo but reevaluate your headshots every five years or so. Making sure you are recognizable to your colleagues and boss is a great reason why professional headshots are worth it! 

Headshots have become the new business card as they are how people come to know you. In many scenarios, it is your first impression. Having a professional and updated headshot will show the employers that you are serious about the job and want to make a good first impression! 

Where to Use Your Professional Headshot

Headshots are used in a variety of different places. The key is to use your professional headshot in as many appropriate places as you can. Many use their headshots as their signature in their email. This helps put a face to the name you are emailing, and it creates a more personal environment for the recipient. Another great place to use your picture is on your business cards. Oftentimes, people remember faces better than names, so including your picture will help your face stick in clients’ heads longer. 

If you are a social media user, you can put your headshot as your LinkedIn profile picture. This will help job recruiters, future employers, current colleagues, and others identify and recognize you. Employers look at potential employees’ social media before hiring them to see if they’re a good fit for the company. 

TIP: Use the Same Headshot Across All of Your Professional Platforms

It is important to keep information consistent and easy to identify, so using the same headshot is a simple way to do that. This is why it is so vital that you love how you look in your headshot, as you will be using it on so many sites. Professional headshots are worth it, to get a great photo of yourself to use on all platforms. You want to be confident and happy with the way you look, and the way you are portrayed through your photo. 

Your headshot is going to be used on the company’s website, as well. It should reflect you and the business in a positive light. When potential new employees are looking at the company’s website, they want to see happy and smiling faces! They want to know what kind of people they are thinking of working with. By putting your best face forward in your professional headshots, the potential employees know what kind of company it is when seeing your photos. 

Think about the last time you went to a website where you were looking for a service to be completed. Maybe it was a medical office, and you are trying to find a new doctor. Maybe it was a photography website because you are looking for a family photo shoot. Seeing the doctors’ and photographers’ faces is welcoming, and it becomes much easier to choose based on the headshot’s vibe!


In the digital age, you use your professional headshot in nearly all professions. Many jobs are doing virtual interviews right now, which means either video calls or phone calls. It is helpful for an interviewer and an employer to match the name to the face before the interview, even more so in a phone interview. Not only is it helpful for the employer, but also extremely important for the consumer. Someone is much more likely to buy from you or invest in your product or service if you show them a friendly face. 

The first impression matters, so making sure you have a welcoming, happy, approachable headshot on the website is very important. 

Everyone should have a professional headshot. There are so many places for it to be used. Whether for a job application, company’s website, or even a dating app, there are options! Professional headshots are the new way to show yourself off in a first impression to everyone who is looking.