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Women’s Attire For Headshots

By May 6, 2021October 10th, 2023No Comments

The options are endless when it comes to women’s attire for virtual headshots. With business being more casual these days, you can really focus on your audience and what you are trying to convey to them with your attire. When you’re doing your headshots at home, you have your entire wardrobe and accessories at your fingertips. We are here to help you sort through the noise and find the perfect look for your business headshot.

**Of course, we acknowledge that any gender can choose to wear what is traditionally referred to as women’s attire. These tips are geared toward those who choose to wear traditionally female clothing styles and accessories.

Tops & Blouses

When you choose your top in a headshot, there is a real opportunity to introduce pops of color. Just remember that contrast is the name of the game. Stay away from white or light colors that could wash you out or blend into your skin tone. Consider trendy and universally flattering jewel tones, like emerald or sapphire. Purple, green, red, or even orange can work well, depending on your coloring. If you have a favorite color that makes you feel confident, choose that! If you want something more neutral, a medium to dark grey can work, but avoid tans and beiges (image 1). 

Solid colors will present much better than patterns in your headshot. If you want something besides a solid color, consider playing a bit with your clothing textures. If you have to have some kind of print pattern, keep it small or low-contrast. The goal is to keep the viewer focused on your face, not your wardrobe.

There are so many neckline styles (image 2). It is really a matter of personal preference which style you go with. Just about anything will work for your headshot. Just think about how low the neckline will be. Keep in mind that a classic headshot is cropped at or above the sternum. That means the bottom of the neckline needs to be at that level if you want it in the headshot. For that reason, if you opt for an off-shoulder, Queen Anne, or other deep neckline cut, you should double-check that it won’t leave you with an awkward crop. 

Is a blazer right for women’s attire for headshots?

Sometimes a blazer or a power suit can help you feel pumped up and give off a strong vibe in your photos. Keep in mind though that in your headshot no one will know whether you are wearing a pants suit or a skirt. In a primarily Zoom world nowadays, you can probably just wear your pajama pants! Since the photos you take will show the upper body, focus on the fit and color of your blazer. 

We recommend medium to dark tones for a blazer, such as dark grey, blue, or navy. Again, stay away from white! If your blazer is black or dark grey, you can add a pop of color by wearing a collarless top or cami with a jewel or crew neck. Whatever the style, try some options other than white for your top (image 3). Colors that work well are medium grey or medium colors like blue and red. Another popular choice right now is to go with jewel tones. 

When you choose your top, pick a color that complements the jacket. Stay away from big patterns that can distract and draw the viewer’s eye away from your face. Remember, clothes are meant to compliment you, the focus of the headshot! 

You may opt for a collared shirt, though unless you are in a more formal field, these are falling out of style. Another potentially sleek look is to not have a shirt under the blazer at all. If you attempt this bold fashion choice, just make sure the blazer fits well and is not open too low. You still want to maintain a clean, professional look.

Dresses as women’s attire for headshots

As dresses roar back into popularity, they can be a great option for fun colors and fabric textures that translate well in photos. Dresses sometimes possess heavier fabrics than a standard blouse or shirt, which can look very nice. As always, check the neckline, as a lower neckline may end up cropped out of the headshot. 

Some businesses prefer that you not show arms and shoulders in the workplace. If that’s the case, make sure your headshot follows these rules. Make sure to check with your company before you start snapping your photos, and adhere to any workplace dress codes. When picking colors, use the same guidelines as the sections above.

Jewelry and accessories in headshots

Necklace and earrings can be great as an accent or splash of color (image 4). If you have a signature necklace that you always wear, by all means, wear it in your headshot! Just remember that in a headshot, anything below your sternum may be cropped out. If your necklace is too long but you’d like to show you can clip it behind your neck to shorten it. If you opt to wear a necklace, just make sure any pendant is centered. Since you’ll be taking these photos on your phone, you can check between shots to make sure your jewelry is in the right place. 

Often, the adage “less is more” is salient when it comes to jewelry. Simplicity looks classic. But again, this is an opportunity to reflect your personality and consider your audience. For example, if you work in a more creative field, then big, colorful jewelry might be more fitting than if you’re an insurance adjuster. Just be sure to tend to the color, size, and length of any necklaces. 

For earrings, it will depend a lot on your hairstyle as to whether they will even show. Simple studs or pearls look great with short hair. If you have long hair, a bolder, larger earring can be a beautiful accent. To show off your earrings, when you pose just tilt your head a little to show one side. Also, consider putting longer hair on one side for a few photos and see how it looks. Again, the beauty of taking your own photos with is that you can play around with your style and switch out jewelry if you want to in order to get that perfect headshot. 


If you normally wear glasses, wear them in your headshot. While you want to look your best in your headshot, you also want to look recognizable as your usual self. If you have multiple frames, particularly colorful frames, coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe. Make sure the lenses of your glasses are clean. If your glasses tend to slip down, just be sure to reset them between photos. 


Scarves can really add a pop of color. If you wear them frequently and feel comfortable styling them, get a few photos with a scarf (image 5). Many women wear some form of headscarf every day. In this case, opt for one in a color that compliments your skin tone. As with your top or blouse, stay away from stark white or black, or colors too similar to your skin tone. If you’re trying out a scarf as a fashion statement, practice tying it different ways, keeping in mind that only the upper part in the front will be showing in your headshot. If it seems like too much of a distraction or the scarf is crowding your face, then opt to ditch it. 

Coordinate women’s attire for headshots with the background

One of the great things about doing your virtual photos with a reputable brand like is that you get to choose your own background! Whether it’s a solid-color option or a custom image (image 6), consider the background when selecting your outfit. If you aren’t the team member choosing the background, just ask which option they’ve selected so you can coordinate. 

Once you have made or learned the decision, you should ask yourself some questions. Is the background white or light? If it is, you should consider choosing medium to dark colors and tones for more contrast. If the background is black or very dark, like our dark grey option, wear light or vivid colors. For example, red can really pop on a black or dark grey background. We usually recommend that you don’t select white clothing, regardless of the background. 

Start your home headshot session

Now you know what women’s attire for headshots works best and how to style your accessories. That means it’s time to start taking your photos!

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