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Help! I Need a Headshot for LinkedIn

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Whether you’re suddenly finding yourself on the hunt for a job or expanding your business, you probably need a headshot for LinkedIn. Even if you’re simply looking to update your professional profile, a new photo is always a good idea. However, if you’re looking to make a change fast, the best option is a high-quality headshot from

What to do when you need a headshot for LinkedIn – fast!

Life changes quickly. You may have let your LinkedIn profile languish and get out of date. But what if you suddenly need to get things in order? If you’re about to court a big client or you’re hoping to catch the eye of a recruiter, you need a headshot for LinkedIn. But scheduling a professional photo shoot can be costly and difficult to coordinate. 

Luckily, when you’re in need of fast service, you can turn to Once you get your photo to, our team of world-class photo editors will retouch and polish the image. And they’ll have it back to you within three business days! So if you’re in a hurry to get a great new headshot, read on for our six simple steps to get moving. 

Step One: Sign up for

The first and easiest step is to head over to the website and make your purchase. However, that doesn’t mean you need to take your photo today! You can move at your own speed, on your own timeframe. But when you make your purchase, you’ll get access to resources, like our tutorial and guides to taking a great headshot. You can peruse the website and blog for tips and tricks and get some ideas for how to proceed. 

When you sign up, you are getting the process started. Therefore, you are likelier to actually make it to the finish line and get a great headshot. If you need a headshot for LinkedIn, you won’t get there just by thinking about it. So start with decisive action and get moving! You’ll be glad you did. 

Step Two: Plan your photo

This is usually the longest step. You want to take some time to plan so you can really nail that headshot photo. When you need a headshot for LinkedIn, it’s because you want to make a certain statement. You want to convey certain aspects of your business, personal brand, and values. 

Using the guide or your own notes, jot down some ideas. Think about keywords you’d like to depict with your headshot. Are you trying to look open, warm, and creative? Serious and focused? Whatever you’re trying to achieve can be manipulated based on wardrobe choice, pose/body language, and expression. 

Your wardrobe choice has a couple of aspects to it – both the type of clothing, i.e. formal versus casual, and the color choices. Color is also important when it comes to the background you select. Think about how colors impact moods and feelings and make sure your choices align with your intentions. 

The same goes for your pose and expression. Typically, a LinkedIn headshot is like an introduction. So think of the face you’d make when you shake hands for the first time and smile. That sort of genuine smile is exactly what most employers, recruiters, and clients will expect from your LinkedIn profile headshot. 

Step Three: Take a photo – or lots of them!

Now comes the fun part! You’ve planned out your wardrobe and practiced some poses in the mirror. That means it’s time to get in front of the camera. If you’re taking the photos yourself, Try setting your phone up at different heights to find a flattering angle. 

Light is the most important part of taking a great photo with your phone camera. So find a window with some great natural light. You may need to try taking photos at different times of the day to see when the light is best. You want soft, diffused natural light that isn’t too bright or too yellow. But don’t worry, our editors can make color corrections, if necessary. 

The most important aspect of lighting is to get a high-resolution image and to make sure you’re face is not too heavily shadowed or washed out. Sounds like a lot of instruction, but start taking some photos and you’ll get a feel for things. 

Step Four: Choose your favorite photo

Some people find this step to be the most challenging. After you’ve taken as many photos as you need to, start narrowing it down. You can typically eliminate the “no” images pretty quickly. Try to focus in on the photos that convey the emotion you’re going for. 

If you have a few photos you’re happy with, show them to friends and family. Often others have an easier time judging than we do. We just see ourselves differently! Make sure you let your viewers know what vibe you’re after, so they can make a choice based on that information. 

Step Five: Submit to

This is the very best part! Now that you’ve chosen the headshot, you simply upload it and submit it to Our team will take over and edit and retouch it to professional perfection. The hard work is over, and you can rest assured knowing your photo is in great hands. 

You will get a confirmation email with status updates, and your edited image will be sent to you within three business days. If you need a headshot for LinkedIn, you can’t get better and quicker service than that! Since you no longer have to worry about the photo itself, you can turn your attention to prepping for the next and final step of your headshot journey. 

Step Six: Update LinkedIn – and a few other places, as well

While you’re waiting for your retouched image, you should start thinking about how you’ll use your new headshot. Of course, you will update your LinkedIn profile, but that’s not all! After all, you’ve spent time and effort carefully planning and creating your new headshot. It’s time to show off your new professional headshot. You can change your online avatars on your email, social media, and website. There are plenty of places to use a great new headshot

Need a Headshot for LinkedIn? Don’t delay!

Give your career the jumpstart it needs. A new headshot can boost your confidence and your career perspectives. And with, the whole process is affordable, flexible, and even fun. Don’t delay, get started on your new professional headshot for LinkedIn today! 

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