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How to Take Perfect Lawyer Headshots (w/Examples)

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lawyer headshots

If a potential client is in the position to hire a lawyer, they’re likely already in a challenging situation. Whether the plaintiff or defendant, or just a contracts deal, a person might not have much time to research attorneys beyond scouring various law firm websites.

Polished lawyer headshots make a difference in projecting the most professional image.

Cohesive headshots communicate you and your firm’s credibility and commitment to details. First impressions are everything, so something as simple as a winning photo could be the tipping point to help your firm secure another client.

With that in mind, obtaining professional headshots may be more complex than expected. Between coordinating your ever-changing schedule, securing appropriate equipment, and working through edits with your photographer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the process.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a complete guide to help you secure amazing attorney headshots. We outline the tasks, costs, and considerations required to organize a successful headshot photo shoot.


Why Your Headshots Are So Important

Well-executed headshots give off a fantastic initial first impression. However, it can be challenging to envision the benefits while working through the obstacles of a formal photo session.

The best way to understand the importance of having polished headshots is to see the results yourself.

Let’s first take a look at these headshots from an actual firm based in New York:

lawyer headshots example firm

While the photos showcase confident smiles and give clients a good idea of what the lawyers look like, they’re missing a unified flow. The portraits seem disjointed at best when evaluating them within the full context of the team.

Now, let’s examine some headshots from another law firm in New York:

lawyer headshots example firm 2

Immediately, you can see that this practice planned every detail of their headshots to present a united front. Each photo has a cohesive backdrop and a centered pose and helps showcase each attorney clearly and confidently.

From a client’s perspective, the choice between the two firms is clear. The second set of headshots is an example of positive visual communication, speaking to the legal staff’s competence and commitment as a team and a self-assured, approachable disposition.

Investing in professional headshots ensures your practice puts its best foot forward from the very first Google search.


Planning a Headshots Session

Here are two roadmaps to help you secure the headshots you need.

The Traditional Way (A Familiar but Challenging Route)

1. Reach Out to Several Photographers

Send out feelers for professional photographers in your area that align with how you want your headshots to look and when you’re available. You may have to pay more for less notice, so anticipate booking the dates at least two weeks in advance.

Once you find the right photographer, work with them to iron out the details on your backdrop, style, and suggested timeline.

2. Prepare for Shoot Day

Arrive at the photo session on time (if not early) to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Your photographer should offer guidance around the wardrobe, shoot etiquette, and answer any questions you have about how to pose.

3. Complete the Photo Shoot

It’s shoot day! Come prepared with an ideal pose in mind (we include a few ideas below) and know how much time you need to set aside for the entire shoot.

For outdoor shoots, being efficient is particularly important since lighting conditions can shift rapidly based on the weather.

4. Work through Edits and Potential Reshoots

Now it’s time to work with your photographer on editing and retouching.

You may need several rounds of revisions to get the proper lighting and overall look for your headshots, which can come at an additional expense on top of your pre-purchased photo package.

Photographer turnaround times vary based on their skill set and availability, but you can generally expect to get your completed headshots back within a couple of weeks. From there, your firm can update your headshot on the website, marketing materials, and social media platforms accordingly. (The Easy Route)

Obtaining headshots through a traditional photo session is time-consuming and expensive. The process can also involve plenty of unexpected hassle around coordination and tracking down an appropriate photographer. Opting for a completely virtual shoot experience instead may make more sense.

You can use to produce studio-quality headshots at a fraction of the price 100% remotely.

Our staff provides direction to guide the photo-capturing process and then proceeds to edit each headshot by hand according to your specific needs. We work with you to curate a custom backdrop and manage the project so you can get all your photos back by a set deadline.

Once we receive your photos, you can expect professionally edited and retouched headshots within three business days. We handle every step of the process, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Plus, our Happiness Guarantee ensures you’re ecstatic with the results.

Upon receiving your headshots, you can add your new headshot to your LinkedIn profiles, print business cards, and share them anywhere else necessary.


What Attorneys Should Wear

One of the essential steps of executing any headshot session is ensuring that you clearly understand what to wear on shoot day. Here are some general guidelines we recommend.

Women’s Headshot Attire

Professional lawyer headshots follow the basic tenets of women’s headshot best practices, except you can usually count on including a blazer in the outfit. Opt for a light-colored base shirt paired with a blazer’s contrasting, dark fabric.

lawyer headshots - womens attire

Jewelry and light makeup are acceptable so long as they aren’t distracting. Accessories should be limited to what you tend to wear daily.

Men’s Headshot Attire

Like traditional men’s headshot attire, attorney headshots rely on a light-colored shirt, contrasting tie, and a blazer with darker-colored fabric. These outfits should be well-steamed without wrinkles and highlight the photo’s focus—each attorney’s confident face.

In short, lawyer headshots should capture a friendly smile and offer a polished version of your attorneys’ day-to-day appearance.

Lawyer Headshots - mens attire


Examples of How to Pose

Our team at will direct you on how to pose, but it’s a good idea to have a suggested pose or two in your back pocket to help make your staff’s headshots look cohesive on your site. Here are a few proven poses for great lawyer headshots.

Pivoted Power

In this pose, the subject should lean with one shoulder toward the camera, angling their body diagonally. Crossing their arms slightly and presenting a relaxed, confident smile completes the look.

lawyer headshots example 1

The Lawyer Next Door

Win over clients with an approachable, professional appearance. Instruct your attorneys to pose in the center of the shot, from the shoulders up, with a relaxed pose, arms resting gently at their sides. Round out the look with a warm smile.

lawyer headshots example 2

The Specialty Shot

If your practice differentiates by specialty, including something in the headshot that alludes to each lawyer’s specialization may be helpful. For instance, an environmental attorney’s backdrop could be outdoors, while a criminal defense lawyer might have a more formal background.

For these shots, find a location that speaks to your field or personality but isn’t distracting. Have your subjects pose with a friendly smile and arms lightly crossed or at their side.

lawyer headshots example 3

How Much Do Lawyer Headshots Cost?

Headshots obtained through a traditional shoot might cost more than you anticipate. As shown in the chart below, typical photo shoots can be several hundred dollars per headshot to account for the studio space, the photographer’s time and equipment, and editing post-production expenses:

Approximate Price Paid per Finished Headshot:

Traditional Photo Shoot* 
$100 to $1,000 per headshot $25 to $50 per headshot

*Not including pre-planning or opportunity costs due to the logistics involved with a traditional photo shoot

By contrast, a virtual service like is typically much more affordable since the process occurs remotely. Our team guides you in capturing studio-quality photos using equipment you already have, allowing you to save on unnecessary expenses and avoid rearranging busy schedules for a single shoot date.

We edit each photo by hand and build a custom backdrop for you to create a cohesive appearance across your site. This service costs $50 per finished picture and can be as low as $25 per picture.


Next Steps: Get Studio-Quality Headshots with a Fraction of the Effort

You don’t have to invest time and money into a complicated photo shoot. Instead, learn more about our 100% virtual headshot services.

Our team works hard to handle all the coordination, help your staff capture excellent snaps, and hand-edit each photo to deliver stellar results. Polished, studio-quality headshots for a fraction of the price are only a few clicks away.


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