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Simple Steps to Stellar Website Team Pictures

By July 29, 2021November 21st, 2022No Comments

When a visitor comes to your site and clicks on your website’s About Us or Meet the Team page, what do they see? Do you have a group photo, individual headshots, or maybe nothing but text? If you don’t have website team pictures, or if those you have are a bit of a mess, read on. We provide simple tips on how to make your website team page shine!

What Are Website Team Pictures?

Your team page is dedicated to highlighting your business’ strongest asset: your employees.

This part of your website is all about introducing your visitors to your employees, providing transparency, and adding a personal touch. Some companies like to include bios or fun facts about their employees, depending on the size of their team. While these details are great, it’s the visual impact versus text that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. 

Having website team pictures is a great way to put faces to names and position titles. In today’s business world, customers prefer a much more personal, intimate experience with the businesses they purchase from. Seeing the faces of the people they are interacting virtually with helps them bridge that gap. As a result, they will feel better about doing business with you and your company. 

Simple Steps:

Remember, the whole point of this page is to help familiarize potential customers with your staff. The best website team pages make your people accessible and relatable. They tell customers, investors, and even potential employees that you’re a business with real values. 

So think of taking website team pictures as an opportunity to uniquely showcases your awesome team. If you’re looking for a great example of a cohesive, fun staff page, check out French company FCINQ’s. Their team member page is clean and colorful, and could easily have been created remotely. Refer back to this company’s site as you read through our simple tips below. 

Choose a background that highlights your brand

One of the easiest ways to achieve consistent website team pictures is to use the same background. But you should also put thought into that background! For example, consider your brand guidelines and color palette. 

You probably paid good money to a designer to create a palette that represents your brand. Colors evoke an emotional response from people, which makes them very powerful. Be sure to select a background color that will match your company’s overall aesthetic. 

Your background doesn’t have to be a solid color. However, you want to make sure it isn’t something too busy. With, you can customize your background to ensure it fits the aesthetic of your company and brand. 

Select a color palette and rules for wardrobe choices

Just as you choose a color for backgrounds, you may want to choose some recommended colors for employees to wear. For example, if you choose a blue background, you may want to encourage your team members to wear a contrasting color. However, you want it to stay within your brand palette. 

Alternatively, you should remind your employees that bold, busy prints are not great for headshots. They can read up here and here on the best wardrobe choices for their website team pictures. 

When it comes to wardrobe, provide clear directions regarding formality. If you’re a law firm, perhaps you want everyone to wear suits for their photos. If you’re a design firm, you may want people to get fun and creative with their clothing choices. Whatever look you’re going for, just make sure your staff is aware so the headshots look cohesive – like a team!

Consider specific poses and expressions

Another way to create visual cohesion is by coordinating poses and expressions. For example, you may direct everyone to take their photo from a specific angle, or facing a certain way. Again, your poses and expressions should be reflective of your industry and brand. 

If you are financial planners who take yourselves very seriously, you may want to look serious and trustworthy. If you’re an event planning business, you probably want to look like you’d be loads of fun to work with. Expressions, even microexpressions, can really impact how people feel when they see your website team pictures. Make sure you’re conveying the intended message. 

To learn more, check out these tips about the power of body language and expression in your headshot photos!

In-person or remote website team pictures

One of the constant struggles of a website teams page is keeping it up to date. When you try to schedule a photo day on-site, it’s typical that someone misses the memo or is absent. And when you have an employee depart or a new hire joins the team, the page quickly becomes outdated. 

Using a traditional photoshoot with a professional photographer can be time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to replicate when you have a new hire. Additionally, with more teams working remotely and from across the country, an in-person shoot can be unrealistic. 

However, whether your team is together in person or working remotely, is a simple way to get your headshots. With a bit of direction for your employees (see the tips above) and a custom background, your website team pictures will be cohesive and polished. That’s because your employees will take the photos themselves, and our world-class editors will handle the retouching. And our top-quality editing services take just 3 business days to complete!

Get Started on Website Team Pictures

When you purchase for your team, you’re setting yourself up for long-term success and standards. For example, you can make creating a photo part of your onboarding process. That way you can maintain the same background, visuals, and quality for all team members’ photos, no matter how often your personnel changes. 

A meet the team website page helps potential customers and clients get to know the people they will be working with. It highlights the people working for your company and can help put a face to the name. And a great meet the team page will feature high-quality images of your team that represent your culture and brand. Let help your team put their best face forward. Get started with your virtual headshots today!